Made with the delicious taste of Jack Daniels

Sweet and Mellow. Tried and True. Our Jack Daniel’s® Whiskey cakes are baked from a time-tested recipe and infused with authentic Jack Daniel’s® Tennessee Whiskey. It’s a new way to enjoy Old No. 7.


Great for the holidays! I heard about this while taking a few days off in TN and had to try it. It had to be good if the state of TN could not keep it in stock.

The cakes arrived on time as promised. Tasty and moist, just as I hoped. I told all of my friends about this company and their products. I’ll be sure to buy more cakes from them in the future. Love to see them at my Costco soon!

We get together with friends from all over Ohio up at Lake Erie for a cookout feast where everyone brings an entree and a dessert. The last time that we went I ordered a sampler pack of these delicious cakes and took them as our dessert donation. They were a HUGE hit and were the first dessert to run out. We are all meeting again Labor Day weekend and our invitation asked us to pass on the entree and double up on the delicacies from Great Spirits. These are easily the best baked goods that we have ever bought online, ……you WILL thank me once you try them!!!

The cakes are surprisingly tasty and moist. You don’t expect this in a shelf stable product. Well done!

These cakes are heavenly! Rich, deep flavor and super moist with all that yummy Jack Daniel’s Whiskey seeping through each bite. I loved the chocolate, but the pecan is fabulous,too. Guess you need to get all three flavors so you and your friends can have a taste of each and decide for yourselves! Perfect gift for a Valentines Day party.

“The Jack Daniels Pecan Cake was introduced to my family at Christmas of last year. It is now our favorite dessert of the holiday season! The Jack Daniels paired with pecan pound cake almost makes you think Jack himself drove down to Texas to harvest these tasty pecans and baked this cake from his Tennessee home. I can’t wait to have again at Christmas Eve dinner.”


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